Who We Are

Mayfield Falls is made up of a community of environmentalists who believe in the power of preserving nature in its purest form through promoting eco-tourism. As a community we share a common interest in promoting the kind of tourism activities that not only involve going to places full of pristine and fragile natural habitats but also in raising awareness about the value of such habitats and the need to have them preserved.

We want a move away from the commercialization of tourism into more sustainable tourism that cares about the well-being of not only the environment but also the people who exist and care for that environment. Through organizing eco-tourism activities to such destinations, we not only intend to raise the profile and popularize this form of tourism but we also want to raise sufficient resources to promote conservation activities in such destinations.

When you join the Mayfield Falls community, you are no longer just a tourist but an environmentalist whose travel activities positively impact the indigenous areas that they visit. You will be able to take pleasure in knowing that you have preserved a natural habitat and helped strengthen the socio-economic development of the local communities in these destinations.

Crystal Bryant
Founder – Mayfield Falls