What We Do

At Mayfield Falls we promote the preservation of nature in its purest form through promoting eco-tourism activities in various destinations around the world. We want a move away from the commercialization of tourism into a more sustainable form of tourism that cares about the well-being of not only the environment but also the people who exist and care for that environment.

Through our eco-tourism promotional activities we intend to build environmental awareness, raise sufficient resources for conservation initiatives, provide socioeconomic development opportunities for the local populations, encourage the respect for cultural diversity and the promotion of biodiversity in such ecosystems and beyond.

We have tasted the pleasure that a pristine and tranquil environment brings and this is a feeling that every human being should desire to enjoy. We therefore believe that eco-tourism should not just be a fun activity for the person passionate about environmentalism but also an activity that every citizen of planet earth must aspire to be a part of.