These are the 5 principles of eco-tourism

Eco-tourism is a form of tourism that promotes sustainability as it’s not just about visiting a destination, having a good time and returning back home, but it’s rather about visiting a destination and in doing so, enjoying and at the same time preserving its pristine, the people’s rich cultural heritage and promoting their socio-economic growth.

We therefore want to briefly look at 5 principles that define what eco-tourism is all about.

It prioritizes minimal environmental impact

In eco-tourism, a lot of priority and emphasis is usually placed on the need to maintain the pristine nature of the habitat through minimal environmental impact. This basically means that whichever ecosystem you visit, you must ensure that the physical environment, people’s culture and other aspects of the land remain just as you had found them.

It promotes respect for the environment

Eco-tourism promotes respect for the environment and this includes not only the physical environment but also the cultural heritage of the people living in a particular locality. This is precisely why as an eco-tourist you are encouraged to visit pristine locations, enjoy these locations and do your best never to alter anything about these locations.

It promotes cultural diversity

The whole point of eco-tourism is giving travellers an opportunity to experience new cultures by meeting a group of people native to their land who have been able to maintain their land and their cultural heritage in their original form. Such inter-cultural experiences are usually very positive for both the visitor and the local community and they give a whole new appreciation to cultural diversity.

It promotes environmental conservation

Most eco-tourism initiatives are usually combined with resource mobilization that is directed towards environmental conservation initiatives. Anytime a tourist visits a destination that has been classified as an eco-tourist destination, any money they spend in these places usually goes to fund the conservation initiatives of the area.

It promotes biodiversity

One of the most interesting aspects about eco-tourism is that visitors especially those from urbanized areas get to appreciate the value of biodiversity when they get to see firsthand how native people coexist with their environment. This interdependency of different species helps strengthen the case for the preservation of biodiversity.

We trust that this has been an eye opening piece that has improved your outlook on eco-tourism. We trust that you will make an effort to experience it firsthand.    

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